Søren Aagaard graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Arts School of Architecture in 1999.

Subsequently he began his professional working career as a photographer, whilst working at Future Systems Architects in London. As an architect it gave him a particular insight when creating images as their in-house photographer. Here he developed a bold and clean visual style, characteristic of the studio, combined with strong perspective elaborations and compressions often to emphasize the feeling of double curved space.

The working ethos is that architecture, regardless of style, requires effort and skill when captured in an image.

The images have been widely published by various media and in particular the architectural press, including Phaidon, The Architects Journal, Octogon and A+U.

Søren's personal projects are developed and evolved thru a spiritual perspective, and a passion for exploring time phenomena, the unplanned and the intersections between dream and conscious space. The works are driven by a hearty curiosity in which Søren uses and explores alternative methods of capture, development and printing.

photo@sorenaagaard.dk  +45 29 90 17 04